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High-speed Stud Roll Forming Machine

Light steel studs are made of the quality raw material of continuous hot-dip galvanization plates, wrought into metal beams through cold bending process for construction purposes. They are used as non-bearing structures for light-weight decorative panels, suitable to be used for various building ceilings’ modelled decorations or used as the basic materials for the inner or outer wall body of buildings. Due to their safety, sturdiness and beautiful outlook, they can serve as construction supports for various plates. Based on the purpose they serve, they can be classified into the ceiling studs and partition studs; in terms of the shapes of their section, there are the U-section studs, C-section studs, and so on. They are widely-applied in use as building materials.

The top-grade high-speed stud roll forming machine is one of Sinowa’s centerpiece products. Its design and making epitomize Sinowa’s high level of research and development. This unit sports the highest production efficiency and the best cost performance in China, with its production quality and reliability ranking in the leading position of the world.

The forming machine production line is user-friendly in terms of the design, manufacturing, sales and training.

It is our pleasure to collaborate with you in establishing your product system and to share with you the long-standing glory of mutual benefits!

  • High production speed up to 180m per minute exceeds far beyond those provided by our competitors, which greatly saves the working time and significantly reduces labor costs.

  • High-speed double-seat material storage rack can rotate automatically and position accurately so that the downtime is reduced.

  • The main shafts of the roller system are made of the premium alloy steel of 42CrMo, ground and polished after thermal refining, to guarantee tight and accurate fitting.

  • Driven by integrated gearbox, with all the gears processed and tempered for low noise and high driving precision, soaked in lubricant to guarantee long service life.

  • The designing of each of our products from the part to the overall structure were subject to comprehensive optimization.

  • The world’s first-rate motion controller is adopted in use to ensure the accuracy of punching and cutting for good dimensional reliability. Multiple protectice measures are also applied.

  • All the roller assemblies are subject to the PEM analysis to ensure high reliability, stability and the leading efficiency ahead of our competitors.

  • In order for high-efficiency production, each set of rollers is furnished with a circulated cooling system to stabilize the working temperature.

  • Modularized production in combination style features high rate of generalized usage and easy maintenance for the parts.

  • Reinforced designs of the main system structure and quality control enable our machines to produce for you either thicker or thinner plate cuts.

  • The advanced concept of manufacturing fits our product to high-precision assembly with good control of the form and location tolerances, so the machines can operate stably and produce high-quality products.

  • The machine racks are heat-treated after welding for stress relief to guarantee deformation-free.

  • With all the processing of the machine racks completed at one time and the reliance on advanced machine tools to ensure precision in fitting the dimensions and positions of the parts, our forming machines hardly need repeated calibration and have little reliance on personnel.

  • Incorporated with the leading control system technology, parameter setting is easy and convenient with high-level automation for the system to become powerfully self-learning. All control components come from top international brands with high efficiency and stability as well as user-friendly HMI.

  • Neat and tidy appearance of the overall machine, thoroughly coated and paint-baked, with concealed design of the built-in central control system.

  • World-leading cost-effectiveness paired up with comprehensive services will let you enjoy the smooth operation of our machines.

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